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Vikram Vintage Inn - Nainital
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Quite Simply, the Best!!!
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Group Owned
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Nainital, Uttarakhand
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Hotel Vikram Vintage Inn is proud to achieve the distinction of being the 1st Designer Hotel amongst Hotels in Nainital. A favourite for tourists and business visitors to Nainital for over a decade now, the Vikram Vintage Nainital now proudly presents a whole new look after the entire set-up was renovated last season.

The hotel now wears a chic, contemporary look and feel. Even while we gave ourselves a new make-up, we ensured that the old world charm, for which it became the preferred choice amongst Hotels in Nainital for regulars, was not lost. Therefore a number of design elements that were the hallmark of the hotel over the years have been retained. The grand central lobby of the hotel, for instance, looks brand new, yet not losing the rich flavour and opulence of the earlier years.

Not just new, with 42 bedrooms in all, the Vikram is now amongst not just one of the largest Nainital hotels, but also in the Uttarakhand region. 

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