About OPBK
The Owners of OPBK Group, Balasubramanian.R and Manikandan.G are civil engineers living in Coimbatore,Tamilnadu, India. We have completed our BE civil under Anna University, Chennai. Currently doing M.E., Structural Engineering. This site was made for educational purpose so as to help the fellow civil engineering students and to spread the knowledge about the latest civil engineering and construction projects and softwares.This site consists of general notes of all engineering fields which are specifically taken from our class notes by considering various books and journals.

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We bring infrastructure alive
The road is long and our responsibility towards development, huge. We, at HCC, have taken it upon ourselves to invest all our energies in ensuring that the fruits of our labour reach every corner of India. We indigenize the latest global technologies to local conditions and terrain to extract maximum results. And the tangible benefits are being experienced in various parts of the country.
We specialize in large-scale civil constructions by leveraging new age construction technologies. For over eight decades, we have been a part of prestigious projects across a multitude of verticals, creating everything from roads and bridges to dams and barrages, nuclear power generators and tunnels and metros. We are proud to have introduced many new construction innovations in India, such as concrete cooling methods, which are greatly benefiting the industry.