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Tuesday, 25  June, 2024

OPBK Protects the Proprietary Interests of all its Customers....

Ethics, Core Values & Procedures

Competition: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. competes fairly for contracts, avoiding any practice that might be construed to be in violation of the letter or spirit of the antitrust laws. The firm avoids any activity that could be construed as bid shopping or peddling. The firm does not knowingly violate any law or regulation governing the competitive process.

Qualifications: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. seeks to perform contracts only for projects for which the firm has the technical competence and experience. The firm does not accept contracts for which it is not qualified. The firm assigns staff to projects in accordance with their qualifications and commensurate with the demands of the services to be provided under the contract.

Standards of Practice: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. provides materials and services in a manner consistent with the established and accepted standards of the construction industry and with the laws and regulations that govern it. The firm performs its contracts with competence, reasonable care and diligence. The firm establishes prices that are commensurate with its services. It serves its customers with honesty and integrity.

Conflicts of Interest: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. endeavours to avoid conflicts of interest, both corporate and individual. Where a corporate conflict exists, OPBK Constructions (P) Ltd. will disclose such conflict to its customer or prospective customer. OPBK Constructions (P) Ltd. regularly educates its staff about personal conflicts of interest and has established a procedure for internal disclosure.

Employees: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. complies with the letter and spirit of laws relating to working conditions, equal employment opportunities, and pay practices. The firm does not knowingly violate any law or regulation dealing with employment.

Employee/Public Safety: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. assures that the safety of its employees, the employees of others on the job site, and the general public are protected during the provision of its services.

The Company has a safety policy on the idiom “Prevention is better than cure.” All preventive measures like use of Helmets, Safety Belts etc. are promoted at the site and the workers are briefed about the benefit of using safety devices. Each Site Engineer is delegated the responsibility of maintaining the required safety measures at his place of work, which begins with the upkeep & house keeping of the area. The safety rules of the existing / running plants are complied with the required co-ordination with the client department.

Material Procurement / storage & handling system at site: The Stores, Dry material, Purchase & Accounts Deptt., work in co-ordination with the Engineering Deptt, and report to the Site Manager. All decisions regarding the Material Procurement / storage & handling are taken on spot by the site management to prevent and delay in the progress of work.

Service Providers and Suppliers: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. treats its service providers and suppliers in an equitable manner, assuring that they are provided clear direction and prompt payment for service provided. The firm does not knowingly violate any law or regulation governing such relationships.

Public Information: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. protects the proprietary interests of its customers.

Compliance with Laws: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. does not knowingly violate any law or regulation.

Image of the Construction Industry: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. avoids actions that promote its own self-interest at the expense of the construction industry and upholds the standards of the construction industry with Honour and Dignity.

Internal Procedures: OPBK Constructions (P). Ltd. has established internal procedures under which its failure to conform to the above practices will be handled.

Quality monitoring is carried out right from the level of Project – in – charge to the mason working at the project site. The Engineering staff holds regular checks to ascertain the quality parameters set out for the project & hold regular meetings with the supervisory staff and foreman to achieve the desired result. A site laboratory is set up at the site to assist in regular monitoring.

Each year, the firm reviews this code of ethics and its internal procedures with each of its employees. If an employee, customer or other individual becomes aware of a circumstance in which OPBK Constructions (P) Ltd. or an employee of the firm fails to conform to the above standards, he/she should immediately report such circumstance to Senior Management who would in turn initiate an investigation of and otherwise resolve the reported issue.