Overview - OPBK
Tuesday, 25  June, 2024

OPBK has been in the field of construction for over Five Decades, and has undertaken practically every type of activity in Civil Engineering Construction.

Construction has been a Passion at OPBK - a Passion we have pursued with a quest for perfection. As visions emerge in the minds of entrepreneurs today, OPBK continues to give them shape in steel and concrete. As an established name in the construction industry, OPBK has a wide range of experience in a variety of specialized construction fields. 

From Residential Complexes, Multi-storied buildings  to Industrial and Commercial Projects, OPBK offers a challenging variety of project expertise - from concept to commission guided by the mellowed wisdom of its top management team and fired by the zeal of a dedicated work force, OPBK has been forging ahead in the field of construction. 
OPBK has been built on a foundation of quality. Its success has been propelled by the ability to blend Civil Engineering Construction expertise with the latest technology as also a precise application of financial and project management.
In continuation of this tradition, OPBK marches into the new millennium with the promise of building a faster, better and cost effective infrastructure. With a proven track record, and formidable infrastructure base, OPBK today looks forward to taking up the most challenging construction projects in India.
So, as the world comes together as one, let’s join hands to achieve the goal of building the global village - building the OPBK WAY- THAT IS CONSTRUCTION PERFECT!